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Forgotten Holocaust

Post-WWII politics were a major reason why the Rape of Nanking became a “forgotten holocaust.” Chang’s book, appropriately subtitled The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II, was the first major English language book about the massacre.

Dave Klotz – Composer

Dave Klotz is a Toronto born composer who has worked in almost every creative facet of the music business. He is a graduate of the York University music program, where he received a BFA degree with honors, specializing in ethnomusicology, composition and avant-garde electronic music.

Bill Spahic – Co-Director

Bill has worked in the film industry for over 20 years. During that time he worked as 1st Assistant Director on many Hollywood features and TV movies, collaborating with world-class directors Terry Gilliam and John Woo, and with renowned actors Keifer Sutherland, Lucy Lui, Rod Steiger, Brian Dennehey, and Jeff Bridges.

Michael Betcherman – Writer

Michael Betcherman is a Toronto-based writer with numerous credits in both documentary and drama. He was the creator/writer/producer/director of The Team, a documentary series about a college basketball team which was broadcast on CBC.

Anne Pick – Producer/Co-Director

Over the past twenty years Anne Pickhas produced and/or directed numerous other documentary films including The Bunny Years, about the first Playboy Bunnies. She also produced several seasons of Harrowsmith Country Life, an environmental/lifestyle series which aired on Life Network and Discovery Canada.